3D and Airway Centered Treatment

Orthodontics In 3D and Airway Centered Treatment is now standard care at Quintero Orthodontics

Our office is committed to ensure utmost patient comfort and exquisite results with the least amount of treatment time possible. 3D diagnosis is now Standard of Care at Quintero Orthodontics through the use of Ultra low dose Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT). As the great philosopher once said, “to see is to know” and excellent treatment must begin with the excellent diagnostics.

If you’re a 3D patient, shouldn’t your orthodontic treatment be also? We have proudly taken our practice to new heights by combining our newly acquired Ultra low dose CBCT scanner (i-CAT FLX ™) with advanced imaging software from Anatomage Corp. (Invivodental™) . All records are taken right in our office for your convenience. This revolutionary approach reveals unparalleled 3D diagnostic imagery of your case with the human airway at the focal point of Dr. Quintero’s exquisite treatment planning to ensure the best orthodontically supported airway. The diagnostic process should be a discovery process and what better way of meeting your anatomy then by literally, looking inside your head? Remember, teeth and jaws form an integral part of a larger and greater craniofacial system, with the airway at its center.

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The combined application of these technologies allows for a single virtual 3D file called an AnatomodelTM which includes the facial map, craniofacial bones, vertebrae, TMJ’s, teeth, roots, sinuses, and airways all in a single integrated and interactive platform or file. This Anatomodel can then be fragmented into parts as needed. Tissue morphing and virtual treatment outcomes or predictions are also possible by forecasting results using sophisticated software.
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Consequently, study models in our office are now made without impressions because they are made directly from the CBCT data itself. More informative than traditional stone or digital models, these new fully interactive and dissectible CBCT digital models also include accurate root information in 3D and bone levels for the first time ever. Having straight teeth is nice, but more important is having straight roots and healthy bone levels well positioned within a pleasing face.

When your case qualifies for treatment, we start your comprehensive records session by taking a low dose, 4.9 second, 0.4 m3 voxel CBCT image using our in-house iCAT scanner along with a facial & intraoral photographic survey.

This allows us to obtain all of the information necessary to reconstruct and see your actual anatomic truth, not just an “approximation” of the truth as is often the case using traditional 2D records. This data is then calibrated, processed and merged into a single user-friendly file, called an Anatomodel™ . Every initial scan in our office is made into an Anatomodel™ and carefully reiovewed by either Dr. Quintero himself or sent to a qualified Oral & Maxillofacial radiologist in the United States for a comprehensive reading and written report.

This comprehensive study will then be reviewed and interpreted with you by Dr. Quintero during a separately scheduled treatment conference. Aside from your teeth and jaws, this in-depth study involves a systematic review of structures including:

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Position of Mandibular Nerve or Inferior Alveolar Nerve (IAN)






Growth prediction







Furthermore, our systematized 3D imaging approach is consistent throughout your orthodontic treatment in our office. All of your interactive CBCT data is displayed on our privately viewed HD monitors at all times during each of your orthodontic appointments so that treatment decisions are always accurately executed and compared in 3D!

During your treatment in our office your progress will be evaluated with a new set of interim or progress records as needed. A final or post treatment records survey will also be performed to register, analyze, and discuss final results with you at a private post treatment session with Dr. Quintero.