Meet Dr. Teodora Bonney

Premier Orthodontist in Coral Gables

Dr Teodora Bonney - Orthodontist Specialist at Quintero Orthodontics

Dr. Bonney

Doctor of Medical Dentistry

Speciality:  Orthodontics

Education:  Master of Science

Work Days:  Monday to Friday

Dr. Bonney received a DMD degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where she also earned a Certificate of Orthodontics.
She ran a successful orthodontic practice in Central Pennsylvania for 21 years, before relocating to sunny Florida in 2018.

Dr. Bonney focuses on providing high-quality, high-precision orthodontic care, while looking out for the patients’ overall comfort and well-being. She believes that a good orthodontic outcome is not only beautiful, but contributes to stability and improved function and health.
She is a mother to two college students, and two middle-school athletes. She enjoys reading, crafts, trips in nature and spending time with family.